Our company carries out work on construction design, consultations and support of construction projects.

Construction design includes a complex of engineering and technical calculations of spatial models of buildings and structures with their subsequent design in computer-aided design systems. When calculating the load-bearing elements of buildings, certified software systems are used based on the finite element method, in which the creation and analysis of design schemes, as well as specialized software systems for solving narrowly focused tasks are used. The company's engineers have experience in designing buildings erected in areas with seismicity of the construction site up to 9 points inclusive. Construction design is also carried out for facilities located in areas with difficult engineering and geological conditions: the presence of a large thickness of subsidence soils, karst and landslide hazards. If necessary, an assessment of the impact of the designed structure on the objects of the surrounding development is carried out. Along with the design of facilities under construction, work is being carried out to analyze and optimize the structural schemes of existing buildings during reconstruction / expansion (changing their structural scheme, the size of the payload, purpose or lack of bearing capacity).

Consulting. We advise the investor:

analysis of design solutions, proposals for optimization / alternative proposals on the development of organizational and financial schemes for the implementation of a construction project, indicating all possible organizational and technological risks, on the formation of the budget for the project as a whole, plans for the development of capital investments, the amount of financing for individual stages of construction and optimization of investments.

We take part:

in pre-design work and the preparation of initial data on design documentation for the construction of an object, make proposals on the stages of design, construction stages and stages of project implementation. in the preparation of the work contract and monitors the observance of its provisions by all participants in the construction. in the analysis of claims that have arisen between the participants in the implementation of the project, the development of appropriate proposals for their elimination. in carrying out technical supervision during the entire period of construction of the facility, including in road construction.

We control:

organizational and technological reliability of construction spending of funds at all stages of construction results of inspections and validity of conclusions of state regulatory and supervisory authorities.

Intellectual elaboration is confirmed by several patents. Our development of the innovative constructive scheme of constructing buildings and facilities, which is safe and effective, is a fundamentally new technology. The system is based on the construction of a nonlinear system with horizontal joints, which is constructed on a modular principle, with each module being a firm unit.