The innovative technology
of efficient construction
with a high degree seismic safety

We have developed and offered the tool for
developing the technology for precast reinforced concrete construction.
The tool is based on two fundamental aspects: safety and effectiveness.
In our opinion, this is a very simple, and at the same time,
necessary solution to many problems.



The work on the installation of many objects, the analysis of models and the construction schemes resulted in the concept of a stable structure. The concept is very simple. The achievement of stability is based on the stability of each element in a constructed system, which guarantees the object’s seismic stability up to 9 points.

The modular structure allows us to solve
design problems in a way that meets the functional
purpose of the structure with flexible
planning solutions


Every day there are improvements in the construction industry, but we believe that our invention is a fundamental step forward to increase safety, efficiency, construction speed, flexibility in decision making, and finally the effectiveness. We think that it is a question of cost reduction by 20-30% of total construction, with buildings and structures’ seismic stability to 9 points and the height of 70-80m.

Every part of a building is subject
to the external forces of gravity,
wind, earthquakes,
and temperature changes

Modern computer systems allow modeling, analysis,
structural calculations of complicated forms and dependencies,
which in turn led to more accurate results and cost-efficient projects.
These projects, in fact, made the development
of this technology possible.


Throughout history, people have built buildings that have these forces over a long period of time by initially following empirical rules that were derived from their own experience as well as that of their predecessors.

Recently, scientific and industrial revolutions have resulted in analytical approaches which allowed designers to go beyond empirical constraints and predict the behavior of structural systems and elements, which up until that point, existed only in their imagination.